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A little coffee history for your info.

Bedouins were the first people to discover coffee. The nomadic people from the cradle of civilization.  Originally they would soak the beans until they were soft enough to chew and then they’d eat the beans and throw out the water/coffee. Until one day when they tried the water it was boiled in and realized this could be the way to do it. Sure enough it caught on. Its a Bedouin tradition that when you meet with friends to share coffee they would serve you a cup black. It was symbolic of the hard times of your life. Times you would learn from and do well to remember and not forget.  The biter cup would warm you and comfort you that you are stronger now having gone through those times. The next cup after your introspection would be sweet with sugar maybe cream if available I assume it would have been goats milk. Try get some of that at Starbucks next visit. With that sweet cup it would be an expression of love and hope for the future and saying come on, lets have good times together now.

There’s a saying I like. It goes: First coffee, and then, coffee. With that I encourage you drink two cups of coffee on your next coffee date. First one light roast or medium roast black. Then the next cup maybe dark roast, with lots of cream and sugar. Taste the spectrum coffee has to offer. Remember your life on the spectrum from good to bad. Look to the future with hope and eager expectation.

I had this dream I was falling into the Abyss. Free falling, and it was great. My favorite thing to read right now is Ecclesiastes. All is vanity. It’s all pointless. Eat right, exercise, live healthy, die anyways. A dog is better than a dead lion. If a man accumulates much wealth and dies leaving all he has accumulated to another who will know if the man is wise or foolish? Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind. All is vanity. Meaningless pointless. Love your family, Love your friends better than they deserve.

I’ve found another way to get caffeine into my system. I found these Buzz bars of soap on amazon. It had better reviews than Aftershock which I originally found on thinkgeek so I bought it. I love it. I feel exhilarated after I get out of the shower. I don’t know how I managed to live life before. 

Johnny would say as we drove south on 131. Summer of 95. It was a hot one I remember. Even for Michigan. I smoked so much weed that summer. I’d sit in the pool at home after getting baked and watch Johnny and Jason fight in the pool. Tom Petty and the album Wildflowers was my favorite at the time.

We’d got into Indiana and that was all Johnny had to say. Take a right. Its never wrong. A strong catch phrase for Johnny at this time I remember him saying it whenever the situation called for it.  So we made a right. Just over the boarder of Michigan right before our nations independence celebration what do you suppose we were doing?

If you guessed buying fireworks you are correct.  Making things illegal creates a black market for anything and those who will profit from it seldom are deterred. I don’t agree with the war on drugs anymore. I don’t agree with fireworks being illegal either. Illegal supposedly for our own safety but those who want will do what they need to to obtain anything that’s illegal.

I think that the only thing I agree with that is illegal today is probably prostitution that should stay illegal. Unless its for film. am I right? haha no I’m only joking its so hypocritical.

I can remember listening to wildflowers as we rolled up to the fireworks stand. followed by you don’t know how it feels.  Getting out getting a couple hundred dollars worth of fireworks. Heading the next weekend to my Grandmothers cottage on the lake where there was an all night firework show which all happened to be illegal fireworks. That’s the way it was. everyone had illegal fireworks either obtained the way we did by making a drive down to IN or to connect with someone who could get access to the goods in state.

I knew of a storefront I could go to at the time and buy weed. No one even cared they’d sell to anyone in front of the mail man even. The owner got wise long before the cops did. That was a surprise.

I think the war on drugs has failed when the most decorated Olympian has been busted smoking weed. I haven’t done drugs in 13 years. I still have friends that do. some are Christian. Some are computer programers. I don’t see it as any different than people having a beer after work. I don’t drink either. I don’t condemn those that do.

In conclusion if they legalized it I would probably grow hemp (the male variety) out on the porch. Its a nice looking plant not going to lie.

I take a sip and think how I’ve wasted 24 grams of the finest coffee you can come by here in Kansas City. Which is in my opinion Caribou Coffee. How did this happen? what went wrong? I measured near perfectly. I rinsed the filter even, a new trick I learned from a Barisimo video. I used the finest coffee maker in the world the Hario V60. Sadly the water wasn’t the best, only KC tap water. Which isn’t bad I use it most of the time. This reinforces the need for that RO unit I recently bought to get installed and put to good use.

As I read a post submitted to a tumblr: toasted, coffee regular by one Hanrahan guy I think about writing styles, virginity, and atheism. His writing style was great intriguing and interesting.

He brings up his failure to lose his virginity to a girl he once new. This made me think of all the women I failed to lose my own virginity too. One girl was a piece of work she would get into car accidents on purpose just to meet men.  One day I had it almost sealed. I had to be about 16 and I called her up and let her know that no one was home at my house so I invited her over. She asked if I had any weed and since the answer was no I didn’t see her that day.  I wonder why my brother in my teen years protected my v badge more than I did. There was one girl he made it a point to keep me away from and she was hot. beautiful blonde hair and curves in the right places. All the while he slept with some pretty skanky girls one they passed around to every one of his friends and then the last guy to sleep with her they all broke in the door where it was happening and called her a out about it. That’s sick.

And atheism, this chap Hanrahan was talking about how he went to a Lutheran church with his family in-spite of his lack of faith. The Bible has a part where God is pissed at the children of Israel and he calls them a whore. He says they’re worse than whores, because they paid the men for the service. I think you get the picture. I feel that way too. Quite the Man whore in my mind though can’t say I pay any one for the service.  Resisting sin, resisting lust I feel weak and broken. Forerunner Christian Fellowship last night Mike was talking about the three principles found in Romans 3-8. First, we are no longer under a reign of sin. Second, we’re now under grace. Third, we are to resist sin. Well that’s not the three it is the first and the second and I forget what the third was.Mike did talk about all three of those points though. Too busy checking out girls failing at resisting sin. Hmm the irony. I struggle, I fight, I dialog with the Holy Spirit for help. Help to present my body to the right woman, for the purpose of marriage. Not to present myself to sin (Romans 5?) I used to know these better.Truth is I used to resist better but that starts getting into religious spirit when you start saying I could this or that better/more.

The coffee, cooled, its perfect! Just the right strength I pull out a poppy seed muffin mmm delicious. Who makes non lemon poppy seed muffins? I’ve always had lemon poppy seed muffins and with out lemon I’ve never had a poppy seed muffin. until today. An almond poppy seed muffin. Not bad whole foods.

The coffee was just too hot when I tasted it the first time. couldn’t gauge how strong it really was. Thank God for Coffee.

I’ve been thinking about this post for the past week and have waited until now to share with you the top 5 places you must eat before you die in the Midwest. Inspired by an article by Anthony Bourdain titled: 13 Places to Eat Before You Die. I’ve compiled my own shorter list after seeing it on the wall at my favorite place in Kansas City (#5) I’ve traveled a lot over the past few years and been fortunate enough to get some pretty awesome food. I hope you get the chance to try out each of these places and enjoy them as much as I have. In no particular order:

  1. Gray Brothers Cafeteria, Moorsville IN. Just outside of Indianapolis; this place was top notch I never would have known about this location if it wasn’t for a recommendation by Adam Richmond (Man vs. Food) or was it some other food, travel related show. oh well. I may never know. This is home cooking at its finest, I had amazing fried chicken and peach cobbler among others that were all very exceptional. 
  2. Slows BBQ, Detroit MI. This is one place I would have liked to visit more than the one time I found it. Most memorable was the wings I got there. The freshest wings I’ve ever had. I also had an awesome BBQ sandwich. Very good.
  3. Cherry St Deli, Grand Rapids MI. This place has the best panini’s you’ll ever put in your mouth. The menu can be a bit overwhelming with so many options. I would suggest the Gerald Ford (grilled chicken, chipotle mayo, hickory smoked bacon, and sauteed onions) or the Charles (Dried cherries, chicken salad and candied walnuts.)
  4. Giordano’s pizza, Chicago IL. Okay, this is about the only one that is a chain style restaurant, but I don’t recommend all of them. If you want the best Chicago style deep dish pizza you have to go see the bean at Millennium park and walk north to the closest Giordano’s location (PRUDENTIAL PLAZA
    130 E. RANDOLPH DR CHICAGO, IL 60601). I’ve always had the best pizza at this location only. I’ve been to other Giordano’s and they were never as fresh or as good as what I’ve had at this location consistently. 
  5. Oklahoma Joe’s This is the best place to have BBQ in and around Kansas City. I often go to the Olathe location which isn’t in Kansas city but is a short drive. This place gets pretty busy, I’ve often seen the line out the door. If it happens to you don’t worry the line goes fast and its always worth the wait. I’ve seen people leave because the line was long and I feel so bad for them they’re missing out. I recommend the Z-man, brisket, smoked provolone with onion rings award winning BBQ sauce on a bun. It can’t be beat.  

Well that’s my list, Go blog your own =D.

"At first by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes."
Harold Rosenthal, 1976

This memorial weekend I left KC to be with my family in Kentucky. No sooner that I road into Kentucky and the thought “The South Shall Rise Again!” was on my mind. I can’t recall the last time I heard the phrase or where it came from. A little searching later and I find that it was apart of a song by some barbershop quartet nearly 60 years ago Titled “Save Your Confederate Money Boys, The South Shall Rise Again.” I know I’m quite the fine young Yankee boy, told by “Round-Man” himself. To later find out it was no compliment, LOL. Thanks to my mom’s BF Steeve.

The southern flag to many stands for racism. I know that’s the way its seen by most northern people but I have to admit I have some southern influence and that no longer holds true for me. My brother lived, died and is buried in KY. I have a Sister in Love and a niece and a nephew who are growing up in KY.

One of the truest statements I read about a conflict involving people revering the southern battle flag (much to the woe of blacks) was that it supposedly is a symbol for slavery. To which one reply was that The Stars and Stripes held slaves under it for a number of years before the end of slavery, but we don’t associate that with racism. Further reading I found Representative of Arkansas (Mauch) who said that to him the Confederate flag was a symbol for Jesus Christ, and for Biblical government (link here).

I do see a need today for the South To Rise Again. As Benjamin Franklin said that we have been given a Republic, if we can keep it. Today much has been lost concerning our Bill of Rights (NDAA, Patriot Act). It’s time not only for the south to rise again but for a nation of the people and by the people to influence its leaders to know that they are under our rule.  Latest news is a UN treaty to be voted on in November that would effectively lead to taxation without representation known as the LOST treaty. Google it and learn more then I encourage you to contact your congressman tell them to say no to LOST.

I’ve worked for a couple of companies that did telemarketing research and political polls. First let me tell you its worse work than being a dentist. I’ve heard that Dentistry has the highest suicide rate of any business and I would have to say that poll was probably wrong because the worst freaking job out there is to be a political research assistant. I was the lead supervisor of a call center that specialized in political research and polls. We would do other side work like sell preplanned funeral arrangements, another terrible idea I’m sorry I ever did that. Anyways, back to political polls. How would you feel if someone called you up and asked you to take a political survey? Odds are you would hangup on them! I know you would because that’s the way most of my calls went and most of the calls for the people I was overseeing. It was very hard to get a completion rate of 33%. The only people who would talk to you and complete surveys were usually retired old women. Lets face it they would talk only because they wanted someone to talk to. So when I see a political poll that says something like Romney up in the polls in approval 46%. I automatically think: “Oh, so the old ladies like Romney do they?” Today some polls are done differently through online surveys. I’ve blogged about that. Not many people spend time online filling out surveys, not normal people LOL. I say that knowing I don’t fit into that category.

Bottom line don’t trust everything the media tells you. Use some common sense. Look at the public turnout for events hosted by political parties if you want to get a real sense of support for a political candidate. 

I was just leaving from getting a haircut, $6.99 special at Great Clips. It was a great deal and I was overdue for a haircut. As I walked down the sidewalk I saw an old man who was laying on the ground with the most peaceful look on his face. There were people there attending to him. He wasn’t making a sound or moving. A couple people were starting to gather. I was in a hurry and didn’t think to stop.

I know a lot of Christian friends who would have jumped in and started praying for the man. There was a time that I would have too. I’ve often prayed for dieing loved ones. Believing God could raise the dead. I know I used to pray those types of prayers because I wanted to see the glory of God. I hear of others contending for the same miracle and when it doesn’t come through I often hear the: “Well the Lord wanted this glorious Saint to finally stay home,” or similar. Sometimes feeling the saying was a cop-out for our collective lack of faith. Sometimes thinking that surely this person was tired of this dry and weary land. Welcoming instead the eternal shores of the heavens. But I didn’t know the guy. Maybe he went off to eternal punishment. Hell is real.

Who was this man? I wonder now. Did he live a good life? He sure looked like he outlived many in his life. I know of people younger that didn’t live as long as this man.  If I had more time that day I would have stopped. I tell myself I would have. I think of the dignity I gave the guy by not making a scene and not stopping. I’m glad I wasn’t “that guy”. I may never know if the man even died. He was by any estimation near the grave. But so are we all, like a mist, like green grass one day withering one day cutoff.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite verses from Ecclesiastes.9.7 Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; for God has already approved your works. 8Let your clothes be white all the time, and let not oil be lacking on your head. 9Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; for this is your reward in life and in your toil in which you have labored under the sun.

And If I could leave you with a tune:

Between the Lakes

David Tolk

Summer solace

I think it sounds great where can I do that?  There are a few places out there that can make it happen. Pay4tweet.com and Sponsoredtweets.com are the two most apparent places to make it happen. I signed up for Sponsored Tweets and with my twitter account being at around 5000 followers they suggested a price of about 5.50$(USD) per tweet. Now that’s just what they suggested I still control how much I get paid per tweet. That sounds even better, then when I refer someone like yourself I would be able to earn 10% of what you make.

How exactly does this work? They pay you for when someone clicks on your ad. That’s a great deal if you can talk a group of friends into clicking on the ad when you post one. So if you get a group of people together and help each other out by clicking on ad’s when you see them they can get paid and so can you. Some advertisers could be Volvo, Boost, Microsoft, Fox, and others like 1-800-Flowers convenient since today is mothers day. Ok so lets say I post one ad a day (I don’t want to spam my followers). and 500 of those people see the ad and click on it @ 5.50$ per click… I hate math… carry the one… someone do the math for me. Wish this was school could just lean over and copy… ok well at least I have a calculator. That’s 2750$. That’s not a real probable statistic though. A real statistic from the pros is that per 1000 views you’ll get about 3 clicks. So say all of my followers (5000) see the ad, that’s 15 clicks average. 15 clicks at 5.50$ that’s 82.50$. Not bad for a days work, but still your not going to get all of your followers to view all your tweets. So it’s a numbers game, get more followers, post quality tweets be recognizable/unique, and don’t spam.

Who uses this? Well a lot of people do. At the top of their list today is Kim Kardashian. So this is something that can take off as more celebs start to do this. Her Sister (Khloe) has hers listed and her price per tweet is set at 9,100$ (USD) Snooki is on there and has hers listed a slightly cheaper cost 7,800$ again that is per tweet.

There are other companies that pay on the per click advertising. The biggest one I’ve heard of and probably the biggest is Click-Bank. They run a bit different through them you track how many people click on a website that you direct them to. I have a friend who has done some work through Click-Bank and he makes good money as per the time he invests in it.

I have more ideas as to how to make this work and would love to talk more about this with interested individuals, DM me on twitter @realcdeloy if your interested in hearing more of my thoughts and ideas.

here’s a link: to my referral page

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